Story Booth

Through the week, the IRC team, led by Nick Dickinson and Deirdre Cassella, interviewed delegates to get their view on the event, issues in rural water supply and to share their experiences:

Day 3
Day 2

Individual interviews:-

The interviews below are general reflections on rural water supply or topics currently outside the four RWSN themes.

Hon. Minister Kebede Gerba, MoWE (Ethiopia)

Dr Elizabeth Kleemeier, World Bank (USA)

Ron Denham, Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (Canada)

Phillip Obaate, Amuria District Council (Uganda)

Alice Anukur, WaterAid (Uganda)

Joe Narkevic, Consultant(USA)

Thomas Meier, Entec/IEA (Switzerland)

Daniel Bando Hezakiah, Government of South Sudan

Raj Kumar GC, IDE (Nepal) 

Mark Tiele Westra, Akvo (Netherlands)

Bonkoungou Ousmane, SWP / World Bank (Burkina Faso)

Didus Ruhombe, WaterAid (Uganda)

Benedita Nhambiu, APM – Associação de Perfuração de Moçambique (Mozambique)

Samwel Olekao Korinja, KINNAPA Development Programme (Tanzania)

Rolf Mueller, Water Treatment Systems Ltd.(Uganda)

Charles Onji, NCA (South Sudan)  

Anita Layden, Friends of Londiani, (Kenya/Ireland) 

Tex Tychon, Water God’s Way (Uganda)


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