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Dr Kerstin Danert is a water and sanitation specialist with ten years of experience, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. She has provided advisory and capacity building services to African Government, NGOs and small private enterprises and undertaken extensive documentation work.She has extensive experience of programme formulation, management information systems and monitoring and evaluation in the water and sanitation sector. For the last four years, Dr Danert has worked in the context of a Sector Wide Approach to Planning (SWAP) with the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda.Dr Kerstin Danert coordinates the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) theme on Cost-Effective Boreholes and provides input for the RWSN secretariat housed by SKAT.
  Sean Furey‘s professional background is in hydrology, integrated water management, spatial and water resource planning, and environmental advocacy with more than 13 years experience.Sean is involved with development of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) to increase reach and audience so that knowledge and expertise from the network can improve project and programme delivery on the ground.
Martin Läng is the desktop publisher and webmaster at Skat. He is also a professional-level photographer and is supporting various aspects of the Forum.
Laura Garcia is the office manager at Skat and fully qualified translator. She is handling the simultaneous translation services for the Forum.
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