Day 3 – Images of the last day and closure

On the third day, we  reflected and discussed at the plenary session about our vision for rural water supplies learning from the perspective of the World Bank and from the cases brough from Latin America and Uganda.

Different parallel sessions enriched the morning discussions:

  • Solutions at Scale: Water for All: Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Peru and Burkina Faso presented different sustainability models to tackle the current challenges for access to water and sanitation for all.
  • How to accelerate Self Supply: lessons from Zambia on the parallels to Self Supply and CLTS presented by UNICEF and Accelerating Access to Safe and Reliable Water Through Self Supply in Uganda, presented by the Ministry of Water and Environment.
  • Groundwater Resources and Catchment Management: Cases from Kenya, Nepal, Nigeeria, India and Uganda showed different technologies and examples, from using sand dams to alter catchment water balances to national catchment protection guidelines and ‘Payment for Watershed Services’.
  • Multiple use and Drinking Water Supply in Arid Environments: Cases from Burkina Faso, Namibia, Nepal and Kenya were presented and discussed together with a WASH project of World Vision International.

In the Closing Plenary the “Visions for the Future” were address by Professor Richard Carter, Chair of RWSN and comments from participants including the action plan were presented and discussed by Dr. Kerstin Danert, Director fo the RWSN Secretariat and Mr. Eng Kimanzi from the Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda. After thanks and prizes, the Forum was formally closed by the Honorable Maria Mutagamba, Minister for Water & Environment.

All three days were filled with a friendly atmosphere, gaining insights and ideas on how to continue  our service to  the rural world  by improving their Water Supplies. We were also pleased to be joined by ministers and substantial delegations from Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Some tweets from #RWSN6

thisisexcellent excellent!

#SandDam presentation at #RWSN6 went very well. Lots of questions & even more interest! @thisisexcellent @ASDF_Kenyaare going to be busy

harerik Erik Harvey

We have taken our eyes off the ball by pursuing numbers without paying sufficient attention to the recurrent repairs and costs #rwsn6 #yam

harerik Erik Harvey

We need permanent services for all, strong national leadership, consistent targeted finance #rwsn6 #yam

maravandenbold Mara van den Bold

Richard Carter Chair RWSN in closing plenary RWSN Forum: focus has been on increase in coverage at expensive of sustainability#RWSN6 #yam

maravandenbold Mara van den Bold

Emphasis for future: permanent services for all, achieved through national capacity&leadership + predictable &targeted finance #RWSN6 #yam

harerik Erik Harvey

Kampala Rural Water Commitments: total of 10 commitments to accelerate access to permanent services #rwsn6 #yam

maravandenbold Mara van den Bold

Hon. Mutagamba Minister for Water and Environment closes #RWSN6 : “some for more, not more for some” – equity is critical


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