Registration is over, but the Forum is just beginning….

Thanks to everyone who has submitted papers, poster, films and presentations for the 6th RWSN Form and book places to attend. The response has been fantastic. The exhibition area is fully booked.

If you have already submitted a registration form and not received an acknowledgement yet, don’t panic. We will get to you. If you have had acknowledgement, then please pay promptly by bank transfer. We’re sorry that we cannot accept card payments.

So, in just over a week’s time, it will all begin… a huge of wealth of experience in rural water supply will be assembling in Kampala to work out the best way to make sure that everyone can get access to safe, clean, reliable water supplies and that no-one gets left behind.

If you can’t make it to Kampala, don’t worry. You can still contribute via this blog, or the LinkedIn discussion group, or through twitter, using the hashtag #RWSN6.  We want to hear from you, and we want your ideas on how rural water supplies can be improved over the coming decade.


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