New from RWSN: A vision for achieving sustainable rural water services for all

Download: A vision for achieving sustainable rural water services for all

The last three decades have seen substantial sums invested in rural water services in low-income countries. As a consequence, globally about 700 million rural people gained access to improved water supply services between 1990 and 2008. Much progress has been made and many lessons learned over this period. However, a similar number remain unserved, and a significant proportion of those who are counted as served experience faults and failings in their services.

This document sets out the Rural Water Supply Network’s broad vision for the next two decades by defining what we believe are the core principles upon which reliable, safe and equitable services can be provided. The articulation of this vision will be different in each country and be determined by local contexts and priorities. Consequently the purpose of this document is to provide national policy makers, practitioners, development partners and water consumers with an overarching framework which can help them consider their own respective roles and approaches to the provision of water supply services to rural populations.

Our vision is of a world in which all rural people have access to a sustainable and reliable water supply which can be effectively managed to provide sufficient, affordable and safe water within a reasonable distance of the home. A cornerstone of our vision is that once made available, such services must continue to serve their users indefinitely.


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