Fantastic response to the Call for Papers!

We received over hundred submissions of papers, films and posters from all over Africa, South Asia and Latin America, which is fantastic.  So many in fact that it has taken a bit longer than anticipated to get everything reviewed and decisions back to authors – so sorry for the wait.

The next stage is follow-up drafts. Those asked for minor changes should re-submit their work by 15 September, those who have been asked more major changes, or to present their work as a poster instead, have until the end of September.

We are currently planning the different thematic sessions based on the material that we have received so far and there is no doubt it is going to be a fascinating event and everyone coming along will learn a lot and have the opportunity to share their experiences.

2 Responses to “Fantastic response to the Call for Papers!”
  1. Should all authors have received decisions by now or are some responses still in the process of being sent out?

    • rwsnforum says:

      We have been sending out the decisions this week – we got slightly delayed the volume of material and some of the team being in Stockholm for World Water Week, last week. We’re just about there now.

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